About Us

At First Presbyterian, we are “growing in faith, grounded in the past.” We prefer to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ while remaining faithful to the traditions that have been handed down to us. This does not mean we do not change or fail to respond to the Spirit’s presence in our lives. We simply want to continue biblical traditions that foster spiritual growth.


First Presbyterian Church started in 1864 with the bold vision of a pioneer minister, and it forges ahead today with a passion to address the everyday needs of a complex world. We are a mix of tradition and discovery, joy and compassion, music and ministry. Aware of our shortcomings, we depend on God's grace displayed daily as it was 2000 years ago.

Even though we have a long history we are not stuck in the past. We prefer to be "grounded in the past and growing in faith."

1930's - 1950's
The Presbyterian warehouse. The first building of First Presbyterian Church dedicated 1/7/1865.


Our church has been blessed over the years with a faithful group of pastors and staff.

Rev. Elgy Campbell 1864 - 1922
Rev. Harold Baldwin 1922 - 1937
Rev. William Slosser 1938 - 1943
Rev. Frederick Dickens - Lewis 1943 - 1950
Rev. Harry Dodgson 1951 - 1965
Rev. C.E. Soderholm Asst. Pastor 1959 - 1967
Rev. Leland Issleib Asst. Pastor 1960 - 1963
Rev. Charles "Moe" Stevens 1966 - 1985
Rev. John Wesley Drummond, Asst. Pastor 1969 - 1971 Rev. Denis Audet Asst. Pastor 1972 - 1973
Rev. Edward Breeden Asst. Pastor 1974 - 1978
Rev. John Elliott Associate Pastor 1978 - 1982
Rev. Robert Reed Associate Pastor 1982 - 1989
Rev. David Reiter 1986 - 2002
Rev. George Buchin Associate Pastor 1991-1996
Rev. Sun Hong Kang Associate Pastor 1997
Rev. Stacey Steck - Associate Pastor 2000-2003,
   Stated Supply 2003 - 2005
Rev. Ed Morgan 2007 - 2011
Rev. Darin Seaman 2011 - present