First Presbyterian Church has a diversity of gifts and passions among its members. Helping our members to use their gifts and passions efficiently and effectively is an excellent way to help them grow in faith, support the overall ministry of the church, and share with the community the fruits of their labors.


Elders ("ruling elders") oversee the ministry leadership of the congregation. The board of ruling elders in our tradition is called the Session.

Lynne Osteraas, Clerk

Class of 2018
Gene Williamson
Richard Lawrence
David Neiman
John Scott

Class of 2019
David Buchin
Nancy Coleman
Lori Smith
Lyn Varner

Class of 2020
Dan Calhoun
Karen Ondracek
Deb Picha
Darlene Scherbing


Deacons extend care to our congregation through a variety of ways.

Lynn Rae Olson, Moderator

Class of 2018
Karen Larson
Natalie Matthewson
Tim Matthewson
Larry Olson
Patty Scott
Linda Bettison

Class of 2019
Arlene Casey
Herb Halverson
Lynn Rae Olson
John Detra
Connie Sandmann
Ken Smith

Class of 2020
Randy Arnold
Kristin Brandt
Betty Payne
Duane Scherbing
Paula Tift